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Bold + Gold Mindset Coaching


Are you ready to find your fabulous?


For years I held on to limiting believes that kept me from living my life from a place of boldness and greatness.   I could not get out of my head in order to move past fear and doubt. I was re-telling the story over and over in my mind that I was lacking something.   I kept thinking I needed to accomplish something, anything in order to feel worthy.  The origin of the stories we tell  ourselves are complex and  when break them down they are often nonsensical yet we spend our entire life living those stories.  

I have broken free from the limitations I put on myself and want to help you do the same.  I am a certified mindset coach and would love to work with you!

Let’s Work Together

Contact: Cindy Parkes- Certified Mindset Coach

Tel: 980-309-1412

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