My Name Is Cindy and I am 53. 

I started this community, Bold and Gold, as a place for women to come together, to learn, to grow, and to share.  But mostly for a place to come to empower ourselves as we enter our 5th decade.

This site is for all my sisters in this journey striving for wholeness and greatness in our middle ages.  I hope you come to the same realization that I have.  That life, right now, today, is meant to be lived out loud and boldly. 

For the last few years I had been struggling with my identity, my purpose, my reason to get up every morning.    Wondering where is my place in this world?   Is the best over?  Did I blow my chance?   We have all had thoughts and feelings of being invisible and not relevant to this world as we grow older. We have reoccurring thoughts of having our best years behind us,    All of these thoughts and questions lead me to lots of soul-searching, introspection, and yes therapy!

I can safely say we have been telling ourselves a really bad story with the wrong narrative and asking the wrong questions.  Our new story is we are or we can experience our best life now.  And some of the right questions are what can I do today to stretch me and take me out of my comfort zone?  What will my self-indulgence be today?  What did I learn today that I did not know yesterday? 

My hope is that this site will inspire you and impart a little of this knowledge.     I want this to be a place that you come and feel uplifted.  A place that when you leave you offer no excuses to yourself or others and you do that thing that gives you peace and joy. Dream great big dreams and have those goals, small ones and those big as hell.  And know you can make them any age.  I want you to feel beautiful inside and out and always let the light in you shine brightly.

Sending you all thoughts and wishes of bold and gold today, and every day. 


Wholehearted living is about engaging in our lives from a place of worthiness. It means cultivating the courage, compassion and connection to wake up in the morning and think no matter what gets done and how much left undone, I am enough.

Dr. Brene Brown